Dan & Juanene Peters

Picture This! Ministries, Inc.
founded by Dan and Juanene Peters

Dan and Juanene have a passion for t
he word of God. Having advanced in the field of graphics and marketing, in a rather surprising move, God impressed them to start a Christian school. Dan, who is an ordained minister, served as associate pastor and school administrator for 20 years, teaching Bible to both children and adults.

Dan describes it this way:

"In a very real way, The Picture Smart Bible is a project that is 40 years in the making. God combined our love and experience of teaching the Bible for 20 years, with the God-given gift of drawing to produce a totally new way to teach the Bible.

This product actually came out of frustration in not knowing how to make the Bible exciting to a chapel class of 150, fifth through twelfth grade students in a local Christian school. God heard our cries. He showed me how (sometimes in the middle of the night) to illustrate each book of the Bible on one page. The kids not only loved it, their entire attitude about the word of God changed, and so did our lives.

When Juanene and I left the school 15 years ago, I had a bundle of notes and sketches which later became a 600 page curriculum. Off and on over those 15 years, I taught what later turned out to be, "Picture This!" to kids and adults.

We were incorporated as a non-profit orgnaization in 1996 and went on the road with our curriculum. The acceptance of "Picture This!? has been universal and phenomenal.

With this revision (see updates) we changed the name to "The Picture-Smart Bible". It's still the same dynamic piece God has used and will continue to use for His glory and the spreading of His kingdom."



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"Picture This!"  Ministries, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit ministry.
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