The Picture Smart Bible
fits with how God designed our minds

by Kathy Koch, Ph.D., Celebrate Kids, Inc. 




Pictures work in these Bible lessons because they honor the picture-smart intelligence that all children and adults are created with. This is one of eight smarts we can use when teaching and learning.


Children with picture-smart or spatial strengths naturally think in pictures with their eyes. Because our young generation has been raised with visually engaging digital technology, many of them have this strength. That’s why the Bible activities using this approach are perfect for them.




Even if it’s not one of their strengths, all children do have the ability to think in pictures. The Picture Smart Bible will help these children use an intelligence they normally wouldn’t rely on. Therefore, it’s ideal for these kids, too.


Comprehension, retention, application, and enjoyment all improve when your picture intelligence is used.



I'm a homeschool mom who met you at the NICHE conference in Des Moines, Iowa, this past June. I purchased your Deluxe set.

We recently finished the drawings for the book of Nehemiah. As we were working on the memory verse for Nehemiah, I was getting ready to draw the items for "eat the fat, drink the sweet..." As I said that part of the verse, my 10-year old daughter pipes up and says, "See Mom, you need to keep the fat ON the bacon!" (I have a tendency to cut some of the fat off the bacon.) Well, I just had to draw a piece of bacon instead of a hamburger after that comment!

We have really enjoyed working on the drawings, the children are remembering what they are learning, and we're looking forward to working on more drawings and learning more of God's Word.


Using pictures is refreshing for me even though I’m not very picture smart. My comprehension of how details fit together and how Bible heroes relate improves. My ability to remember details and history is enhanced. I always see something new in a book that I thought I knew because the pictures bring things to life in new ways.


The Picture-Smart Bible is a perfect stand-alone curriculum or supplement to something else you’re using. Learning with pictures works!


(Discovered byDr. Howard Gardner, all eight intelligences are taught in my book, “How Am I Smart: A Parent’s Guide to Multiple Intelligences.”)





Not only did God design us and our children to be smart in eight ways, He also designed us to remember through three modalities. This Picture Smart Bible honors all three and it’s another reason I highly recommend it. 

  • Visual modality - children remember what they see. The visuals they sketch and fill in activate this remembering channel.
  • Auditory modality - children remember what they hear and what they hear themselves say. The parent’s/teacher’s talking and the casual interaction children can have while tracing pictures activates this remembering channel.
  • Kinesthetic modality - children remember what they do. Tracing and coloring are actions that activate this remembering channel.

The Picture Smart Bible works for many reasons. It’s a smart approach, very refreshing and unique. It’s creative, engaging, and provides fun with a purpose. I highly recommend The Picture Smart Bible for its educational soundness.


Kathy Koch, Ph.D.

Founder/President Celebrate Kids, Inc.



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